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Wrestling / No Gi

1. What is Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the cornerstones of the Mixed Martial Arts skill set. The wrestling techniques used in Mixed Martial Arts are a combination of the best techniques from the many different styles of wrestling around the world, including American Collegiate, Greco-Roman, International Freestyle and Japanese Judo.

These techniques are used to control the opponent’s body while standing or on the ground. The goal of this control while standing is to enable the fighter to take the opponent to the ground while at the same time being able to defend against being taken down by the opponent. The goal of this control while on the ground is to enable the fighter to maintain a dominant position of attack, while at the same time preventing the opponent from escaping from the subordinate defensive position.

2. Why You Must Learn Wrestling

All fights take place 1) standing,  2) on the ground and/or  3) during transitions between standing and the ground. The ability to dictate where and when the fight will occur is an essential skill. Wrestling is the key martial art that gives the fighter the ability to dictate, to his strategic advantage, if the fight will be a standing or ground battle.

The ability to determine if the fight will be standing or on the ground provides a fighter with a tremendous tactical advantage as it allows him to direct the fight into the scenario where he is strongest or his opponent is weakest. It also allows the fighter to change the fight scenario, at will, in order to utilize specific standing or ground fighting techniques as needed. For example, if an opponent is a good puncher, eg a boxer, the fighter may decide to take the opponent down to the ground to prevent him from utilizing his boxing skills. On the other hand, if the opponent is skilled in ground fighting, e.g., Jiu Jitsu, the fighter may use his wrestling skills to prevent the fight from going to the ground.

3. Why Championship MMA?

While Wrestling is popular throughout most of the United States, like any other sport, the programs can be divided into basically 2 groups: 1) the dominant championship programs with storied histories, and 2) everyone else. 


4. A Typical Wrestling Practice

Our Wrestling practices are taught in a variety of formats. Here is an example of a typical wrestling practice so you will know what to expect:


Warm-ups and Drills – Warm-ups are exercises designed specifically for wrestling and are intended to loosen and properly heat-up the major muscle groups that will be used in a wrestling training session. Drills performed at high levels of repetition are used to develop essential coordination and muscle memory of the wrestling skills that are taught. Supervision of these drills by an experienced eye is necessary to ensure they are performed correctly & that maximum benefit is obtained.


Technique – techniques are taught and students are allowed to practice them in a controlled practice session with a training partner.


Live Wrestling – students are permitted, but only if they so desire, to apply the techniques taught in a live practice session that utilizes phased intervals.


Conditioning –  is designed to improve primary muscle group development, overall flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning of all students.

5. Questions and Answers

A. Question: I don’t have any experience in wrestling. Does that prevent me from participating?

Answer: No. We prefer it. It’s easier for us to teach proper fundamentals to someone without any experience than it is to correct improper techniques.

B. Question: Are any special clothing and/or gear required for a wrestling class?

Answer: Yes. You will need: 1) Mixed Martial Arts shorts or any mid-thigh length gym shorts are acceptable, 2)  Rash guard either short or long sleeve, 3) Water bottle and water, 4) Head gear is mandatory.

C. Question: Are wrestling shoes used?

Answer: Wrestling Shoes are not required, but may be used if desired.

D. Question: Is there any punching and/or kicking in a wrestling class?

Answer: No. The classes are focused entirely upon teaching important high level wrestling techniques. Striking and kicking skills are taught and practiced only in the Muay Thai/Kickboxing and Boxing classes we offer.

E. Question: I have seen professional wrestling performed on TV by Hulk Hogan and other TV wrestling professionals. Everything they do looks dangerous and unsafe. Will the wrestling class be doing the same things?

Answer: Absolutely not. The professional wrestling shows on TV are staged performances by professional actors. They are not real wrestlers nor are they engaged in real wrestling. We will be teaching elite level wrestling in a safe and supervised program that does not involve any of the Hollywood stunts and theatrics you see on TV.

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