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Our Philosophy and Goals


We run a program built upon:

Respect – you deserve it because we know you have joined us to make yourself a better person.

Positive Encouragement – we believe a positive attitude is like steel, you can build great things with it.

High Expectations – we believe every woman and man has the ability, and right, to reach their maximum potential. We will drive you to achieve it. We will.

Professional Environment – we are Professionals and will run this program in a Professional manner. We do not tolerate negative conduct or attitudes.

Our Promise – too many fitness gyms offer unrealistic guarantees and hype of what they will do for you. We offer you a dose of positive reality.

If you are out-of-shape:

It will take a lot of hard work – and we have lots of it, boat loads.

It will be challenging – get ready, we will help you rise to the occasion.

You may feel like giving up – we will light your fire to keep you going.

You have tried other gyms, diets and gimmicks and have quit – we will teach you how not to be a quitter.

If you are in-shape:

If you are trying to reach that last 10-20% fitness level – we want you to workout with us.

We encourage the serious athlete or competitor to join our workout team. We always welcome talented, tough, fit women and men from all walks of life.

We love pushing and testing the limits of athletic fitness and welcome the opportunity to do so with you.



1. Strengthen You Physically by :

• building cardiovascular fitness/conditioning
• increasing muscular strength
• improving flexibility
• achieving/maintaining optimal body weight

2. Toughen You Mentally/Emotionally by :

• warming your heart
• steeling your mind
• rallying your fighting spirit


3. By making you physically stronger and mentally/emotionally tougher, we seek to empower you to take on the many challenges and obstacles life throws at you every day, week, month and year.

4. To instill and reinforce the values important for a rewarding life

• Respect
• Honor
• Obedience
• Discipline
• Humility
• Courage
• Self-respect

• Confidence
• Persistence
• Determination
• Leadership
• Self-control
• Self-esteem
• Teamwork

5. Teens/Kids – Give them the strenuous exercise our modern life styles lack. We believe many common behavioral problems, e.g. hyperactivity, inability to focus, disobedience etc. can be addressed by properly structured and channeled strenuous physical exercise.

As adults we often forget the emotionally turbulent childhood and teenage years. Although no one can bypass the portal of youth, we can provide your teens/kids the essential values and the constructive outlet they desperately need to make it thru these challenging years.

6. Pass on the skills we have learned from true Champions in a fashion that is filled with passion, heart, excitement, enthusiasm and high expectations.

7. Teach our students to strive to be the best they can possibly be, as we believe Champions in all works of life aren’t born, rather they are made from hard work, sweat, guts, heart and a fighting spirit.

8. Finally, if we are blessed to accomplish all of the above, we will have a team of Champions to continue our lineage.

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