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Boot Camp

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1. What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is our High Intensity Fitness and Conditioning Training Program. It is designed to transform men and women into the best possible shape of their lives. In achieving this goal, the program focuses on:

• Overall Fitness
• Cardiovascular Conditioning
• Total Body Strength
• Weight Control
• Flexibility

This program is specifically for men and women who do not desire to fight competitively, but have a tremendous desire to reach and maintain their personal maximum level of fitness and conditioning.

2. Questions and Answers:

A. Question: What clothing or gear is required?

Answer: Here is what you need to bring: 1) snug fitting shirt, 2) mid-thigh length or longer gym shorts or any MMA shorts, 3) running shoes – always bring them, 4) water bottle and water.

B. Question: Do I need any particular skill to join the class?

Answer: No. Just a tremendous desire to reach your highest level of personal level of fitness and the heart to do so.

C. Question: Why do I need running shoes?

Answer: We will occasionally require you to run outside of the building depending upon the weather. If the weather is great, we want you to enjoy it!

D. Question: What if I can’t do some or many of the exercises/drills in each class?

Answer: Don’t worry about it. You are always free to do as little or as much as you are capable of doing. We realize that everyone will be starting at a different level, and therefore each person will have different limits of what they are capable of performing, especially at the beginning of their training. We will never push you beyond what you are capable of doing. However, we WILL push you to your potential.

E. Question: If I am too tired, may I take a break even if the class continues?

Answer: Absolutely. If you are ever too tired to continue at any point in a class, we encourage you to rest as long as necessary and to make sure that you are comfortable before resuming the class. If you feel you must leave a class early, that is fine too, just be sure to advise the instructor.

F. Question: May I drink water during the class?

Answer: Yes. We take regular water breaks during class.

G. Question: May I take a bathroom break during class?

Answer: Yes, at anytime without permission.

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