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Why Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts, known more commonly as MMA, is the combination of the most effective martial arts in existence: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Thailand Muay Thai/Kickboxing and Boxing. MMA incorporates only the most effective elements of these styles and blends them into a martial art system that has revolutionized martial arts around the world.

In order to understand why Mixed Martial Arts is the most effective style of martial arts in the world, you have to know how it was conceived and evolved to where it is today. Mixed Martial Arts developed as a result of the hundreds of thousands no rule/no holds barred cage fighting tournaments held worldwide over the past quarter century. These no rule/no holds barred tournaments created Mixed Martial Arts by their Darwinian code of “only the best shall survive” that pitted styles from around the world against one another.


The most renowned Mixed Martial Arts tournament in the world is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) which was started by the legendary Gracie family from Brazil in the early 1990s. The UFC is now on its 200+ Championship tournament.


The initial UFC tournaments were dominated by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which was invented and taught exclusively by the Brazilian Gracie family.  Fast forward to the present, 25+ years and over 200+ UFC championship tournaments later, and literally over a million fights in similar tournaments around the world, we now have undisputed empirical evidence that these combined styles are the best and most effective.

All other styles are now proven to be ineffective and obsolete. Practitioners of other traditional martial arts who claim otherwise either intentionally ignore these real world results or are out of touch with the evolution of martial arts.

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