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Teens/Kids MMA

1. Our Philosophy

We strive to ensure our Teens/Kids Program is exciting, structured, disciplined and appropriately challenging. We accomplish this thru our carefully focused program which utilizes important physical fitness exercises, basic practical Mixed Martial Arts self-defense, and fun skill developing games in an energetic and motivational fashion.

2. What We Teach

Our program focuses on 3 key areas of development:

1) Character Building – Our program’s primary goal is to instill in our students the key core values that we believe most of today’s youth are severely lacking:








    We believe the development of these values is essential for the positive growth and maturity that all parents want for their Teens/Kids. We teach, discuss and emphasize these values throughout our program.

2) Mixed Martial Arts Self-Defense – We will teach your Teens/Kids all the skill necessary to physically defend themselves in an age appropriate manner. We also provide students with an opportunity to practice, in live controlled sessions, so they develop real world skills they can actually use.

3) Competition – We have the BEST youth competition team, not only in the State of Alabama, but in the entire United States! Our tournament results have proven the success of our program!

3. Benefits of Our Teens/Kids Program

Parents have seen positive development in their Teens/Kids well-being in one or more of the following areas after regular attendance and participation:

  • Physically – the progressively demanding physical exercises students undergo over an extended period of training inevitably results in improved general fitness, strength, coordination, endurance and balance.

  • Emotionally – the important practical skills learned, progressive improvement and its reward, are all key building blocks of a Teen/Kid’s emotional growth that helps provide a strong foundation for positive development in self-esteem, self-confidence, discipline, persistence, concentration and self-control.

  • Socially – participation in our structured program of social interaction teaches students how to apply important skills in a disciplined fashion, and thereby reinforces important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, obedience and respect.

4. Safety First

Safety is our number one priority because Mixed Martial Arts, like other rigorous sports such as football and soccer, is a contact sport. If it is performed in a proper fashion and safe environment, it is just as safe as these sports. This is how we ensure the highest level of safety for your Teen/Kid:

  • Safest Mats – the #1 safety priority is the use of the safest and highest quality Mixed Martial Arts mats. Technology has increased exponentially over the past couple of decades in all walks of life, including safety mats. Safety mats that were state-of-the-art only 5 years ago are now completely obsolete. We use only the best and safest Mixed Martial Arts mats made in the world: The Dollarmur Flexi-roll Mat. It is a full 2 inches thick and is the safest and most impact absorbing mat made in the world today. It is also the most expensive mat made. All other mats are a distant second. We encourage you to compare our brand-new Dollarmur Flexiroll mat with mats used by any other Martial Arts facility in Alabama.

  • Padded Equipment – we require use of high quality padded safety training equipment in all our classes.

  • Experienced Supervision – only skilled instructors will teach your Teen/Kid.

  • Age Appropriate Skills – only skills/techniques appropriate to your Teen/Kid's age will be taught, practiced and allowed.

  • No Full-Contact Striking/Kicking – Absolutely no full-contact striking or kicking is permitted with ANY Teen/Kid at ANY Time. All striking/kicking will be only on safety pads/training dummies.

5. Closing Comments

We love Teens/Kids. We have our own and want only the best for them and yours. Therefore, we will treat your Teens/Kids as if they were our own. If you ever have and concerns or comments, we have a open door policy whereby we encourage parents to communicate directly with our staff so we may respond to them  appropriately.

6. Questions and Answers

A. Question: How old does my child have to be to join the Teens/Kids Program?

Answer: We recommend that children start at 5 years old. However, there have been exceptions to this starting age as we recognize the wide range of development amongst children in maturity and coordination, therefore we reserve the right to evaluate all children to determine if they are ready to commence participation in our Teens/Kids Program.

B. Question: My Teen/Kid has no prior Martial Arts experience, does that matter?

Answer: No. In fact, we prefer it because it is easier to teach proper fundamentals to a novice who will quickly develop a strong technique base, rather than trying to eliminate and/or correct improper techniques and bad habits.

C. Question: My Teen/Kid is extremely energetic. I am afraid Mixed Martial Arts may encourage aggressive behavior. Is this true?

Answer: Not at all. In fact, Mixed Martial Arts provides a focused and productive outlet for a Teen/Kid’s excessive energy and aggressive attitude. Moreover, it will give them the discipline and self-control they need to channel their energy in a controlled and productive fashion for the rest of their lives.

D. Question: Is the Teens/Kids Program safe?

Answer: Yes. We strive to carefully structure the program with the specific goal of limiting the techniques that are taught to make sure they are age appropriate, as well as controlling how they are practiced. Additionally, we also use the best Mixed Martial Arts mat made in the world: The Dollarmur Flexi-roll. This is the thickest and most impact absorbing mat made in the world. Most other gyms use old-fashion hard wrestling mats, out-dated puzzle type sponge mats or hard foam rectangular mats.

E. Question: Is any special gear/clothing required?

Answer: Yes. The Teens/Kids Program requires that the Teen/Kid use the following equipment: 1) Gi and Belt, 2) boxing/Muay Thai gloves and wraps. We do not allow the use of fingerless Mixed Martial Arts gloves for safety reasons, 3) snug fitting t-shirt or rash guard, 4) GYM shorts or MMA shorts and 5) water bottle and water.

F. Question: I have special concerns about my Teen/Kid. Can they be accommodated?

Answer: We encourage parents to speak with us about any special concerns they may have. Although we can’t guarantee we can accommodate every possible concern, we will certainly do what we can.

G. Question: Are parents permitted to watch their Teens/Kids practice?

Answer: Absolutely. We encourage it. Parents love to watch and often have just as much fun as their Teens/Kids!

• Respect
• Honor
• Obedience
• Discipline
• Humility
• Courage
• Self-respect

• Confidence
• Persistence
• Determination
• Leadership
• Self-control
• Self-esteem
• Team Work

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