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Niall has been awarded the privileged rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Less than 1% of all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners will ever attain the level of Black Belt.


Niall is one of less than 350 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in the entire U.S. that are certified and recognized by the United States Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (USBJJF) & listed on its website. He is also a certified IBJJF referee qualified to referee all sanctioned IBJJF tournaments & matches.


Niall has proven his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills by winning multiple international and national Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling tournament Championships and medals: 


 World Champion No-Gi IBJJF World Championship 2016

 World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu IBJJF World Championships 2016

 World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu IBJJF World Championships 2014

 World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu NAGA New Jersey World Championships 2014

 World Champion No-Gi NAGA Dallas World Championships 2013

 World Champion No-Gi NAGA New Jersey World Championships 2013

 World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu NAGA Dallas World Championships 2012

 Champion Claudio Franca Jiu Jitsu By the Sea Tournament 2009

 Champion California Classic Tournament 2008

 Champion Pan American Championships 2007

 Champion West Coast Jiu Jitsu Championships 2004

 Champion Pan American Championships 2002

 Champion Fifth US Open Tournament 2001

 Champion Third COPA Pacifica Tournament 2000

 Champion Fourth US Open Tournament 2000

 2nd Place IBJJF World Championships 2015

 2nd Place No-Gi NAGA New Jersey World Championships 2014

 2nd Place IBJJF World Championships 2013

 2nd Place Pan American Championships 2014

 2nd Place No-Gi NAGA Dallas World Championships 2012

 2nd Place Fourth US Open Tournament 2000

 2nd Place Grapplers Quest San Diego Championships 2009

 2nd Place NAGA Vegas Championship 2009

 3rd Place IBJJF World Championships 2012

 3rd Place Pan American Championships 2013

 3rd Place NAGA US Open Championships 2012

 3rd Place Pan American Championships 2012

 3rd Place Pan American Championships 2010

 3rd Place Pan American Championships 2009



Niall’s high school competition record of 66-6 has earned him a place amongst the best high school wrestlers in the country. In achieving this winning record he accomplished:


 State Champion – senior year

 Champion of League – senior, junior and freshmen years

 Champion of Saint Louis Invitational

 Champion of Camp Edwards Bobby Douglas Tournament

 2nd Place of League – sophomore year

 2nd Place Junior Olympic Western Regionals

 3rd Place State – junior year

 4th Place State – sophomore year





Niall Yamane trained for 6 years with the legendary Gracie family under Ralph Gracie

(4th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt) at his main training facility in San Francisco, California from 2000-2005.

 -Ralph reigned as the Mixed Martial Arts:

 Champion of PRIDE (in Japan)

 Champion of Unified Shoot Wrestling & Federation (in Japan)

 Champion of Extreme Battle cade (in the USA). 

 -The Gracie family is famous for starting the Ultimate Fighting Championship and inventing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the fighting style that drove the Ultimate Fighting    Championship tournaments.

 -Ralph Gracie became famous for his aggressive and brutal fighting style which earned him the nickname “Pit Bull”.

 -The San Francisco Gracie facility earned the reputation as one of the most successful Mixed Martial Arts facilities on the west coast by training numerous champions including UFC Champion BJ Penn.

 -The San Francisco training facility program was so tough that 90% of all athletes dropped out after only 3 months of beginning their training.

 -Niall was a member of the Gracie Competition Team and became one of the programs most successful submission fighters by winning 5 Championship submission fighting tournament titles.




Niall Yamane trained with the Mixed Martial Arts Champion and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Wander Braga (4th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt) for 5 years at his Los Angeles, California training facility from 2006-2010. 

 -Wander Braga is one of the most dominant Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian

   Jiu Jitsu fighters in the world. His impressive 16-1 competition record earns him a place amongst the world’s most elite fighters:  

• World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No-Gi

• 3x Champion Free Style

• 2x Champion Fighter of Vale Tudo

 • Champion World Extreme Cage Fighting

 • 2x Champion King of the Cage

 • 8x Champion Vale Tudo  


 -Wander Braga is well known for the many tournament Champions he has produced, including his first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt, Gabriel Gonzaga, who was a recent UFC Heavy Weight Champion.

 - Niall was on the Wander Braga Competition Team and excelled by winning 3 Championship submission fighting tournament titles and placing in the top three in 4 other tournaments.



Niall trained under the personal tutelage of Alexandre Novaes (4th degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt) for 3 years from 2008-2010 at Fight Forum Mixed Martial Arts in Glendale, California. 

 -Alexandre Novaes received his Black Belt in Brazil from long time Black Belt instructor Jorge Pereira who is well known as one of the best Jiu Jitsu instructors in Brazil.

 -Alexandre Novaes earned an outstanding reputation for his phenomenal wealth of fighting techniques and technical skills.

 -Students travel from all over southern California to learn and train with him because of his extraordinarily high level of technical expertise.



Niall trained for 3 years from 2007-2010 with Walter Michalowski at his Sityodtong Los Angeles camp. Sityodtong Los Angeles is the west coast representative of the world famous Sityodtong  training facility located in Thailand which has a tradition of producing World Champion Muay Thai fighters.

 -Walter Michalowski  is the holder of multiple Championship Muay Thai titles:

 3x Champion United World Muay Thai Junior Middle Weight 

 2x Champion United World Muay Thai Middle Weight

 Champion International Muay Thai Council North America Middle Weight

 -Walter has fought and trained in Thailand for over 20+ years with the Sityodtong

   of Thailand camp. This close and unique relationship has allowed him to use the

   same training programs used in Sityodtong of Thailand for the benefit of teaching

   his students.

 -Walter’s success in training and producing Champions was recognized in 2010 when

   he went to Thailand and was presented with the AWARD FOR THE BEST FOREIGN

   (non-Thailand) MUAY THAI INSTRUCTOR.

 -In recognition of Sityodtong Los Angeles’ tremendous reputation, it was chosen out of 4,500 other athletic gym applicants for sponsorship by PowerBar for membership on its prestigious TEAM ELITE membership.

 -Sityodtong Los Angeles’ effective training program has produced countless Champions, the most recent of which include Sinahy Luna-Champion of International Fight Showdown, Andy Lazarit-Champion of Muay Thai Extravaganza and Laban Spicer-Champion of the Ultimate Warrior.

 -Niall was daily training partners with these Champions and many others while he trained at Sityodtong Los Angeles and was extremely fortunate to participate and learn from their elite training and conditioning programs.



Niall was personally recruited by the Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach Mike Clock to be a member of the Pacific University Boxers powerhouse wrestling program.

 -Coach Clock is one of the select elite wrestling coaches inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

 -His teams garnered records and Championships that will forever reserve him a place amongst the elite of wrestling in the United States:

7 National Champions

68 All-American Wrestlers

2 Olympians

12 Top Ten Team Finishes in National Tournaments (NCAA and NAIA)

16 CONSECUTIVE Northwest Conference Team Championship Titles

 -Coach Clock developed and taught many of the most advanced and sophisticated

   wrestling techniques being used today, not only in wrestling, but also adapted and

   incorporated into Mixed Martial Arts.

 -Niall had the tremendous opportunity to be a competing member of the Pacific University Wrestling Team while it was guided by Coach Clock, and was also daily training partners with Two-time Olympian Romeleo Salas, National Champion and Hall

   of Fame Wrestler Rick Franklin, All-American David Dawson, Collegiate Conference

   Champions Ken Oishi, Steve Augustine, Fred Resinger, Kevin Binkard, and State

   Champions Matthew Mark and Duane Agena.




 -Niall was a 4 year member of Punahou’s winning wrestling program that has a 3+ decade tradition of producing State Champions. 

 -The Punahou athletic program has been ranked by the prestigious Sports Illustrated Magazine TWO times as the #1 High School Athletic Program in the entire United States out of over 20,000 public and private high school athletic programs in the country.

 -The team was coached by Ken Mayo and Bruce Wampold who have the distinction of being two of the most highly respected and technically sophisticated coaches ever to teach at Punahou.

 -The wrestlers from Niall’s teams won 9 individual State Championship titles.

 -Niall was the first wrestler elected team Captain 2 years in a row.

 -Niall was one of the program’s most successful wrestlers compiling a phenomenal

   record of 66-6 and a State Championship title in the ultra-competitive middle

   weight class.




2 Eco-Challenge Training Camps

5 Full Marathons (26.2 miles)

18 Distance Races (5-18 miles)


Practicing Attorney for 25 years in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Ranked

by Martindale and Hubbell as Attorney with Very High Professional Ability and Highest

Ethical Standards. 



Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon.

Juris Doctor Degree in Law from the University of San Francisco School of Law,

San Francisco, California.



American Red Cross CPR/AED





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