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Teens/Kids Boot Camp

1. Our Philosophy

We believe our modern technological driven society fails to provide today’s youth with an adequate and appropriate outlet for their excessive pent-up energy. Furthermore, today’s youth has been deprived of the benefits of old fashioned hard physical work that built prior generations of strong and healthy young men and women. We strive to fill these voids.

2. What We Teach

We will drive your Teens/Kids thru a program of structured and disciplined STRENUOUS physical exercise. We emphasize STRENUOUS. Our program is not playtime. It is not recreation. It is not “do as you please” time. It is our expressed goal to make your Teens/Kids:



To achieve this goal, our program will utilize challenging individual exercises, partner exercises, group exercises and individual/partner/group games.

3. Benefits of Teens/Kids Boot Camp

Emotionally – our physically demanding exercise program provides a strong foundation for positive development in self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, persistence and focus.

Socially – participation in our structured program of social interaction teaches students teamwork, cooperation, obedience and respect.

Physically – the progressively demanding physical exercises our students undergo inevitably results in significantly improved fitness, strength, coordination, endurance and balance.

4. Closing Comments

We love Teens/Kids. We have our own and want only the best for them and yours. Therefore, we will treat your Teens/Kids as if they were our own. If you ever have any concerns or comments, we have a open door policy whereby we encourage parents to communicate directly with our staff so we may respond to them appropriately.

5. Questions and Answers

A. Question: How old does my child have to be to join?

Answer: We recommend that children start at 5 years old. However, there have been exceptions to this starting age as we recognize the wide range of development amongst children in maturity and coordination.  Therefore, we reserve the right to evaluate all children to determine if they are ready to commence participation in the program.


B. Question: Is the Teens/Kids program safe?

Answer: Yes. We strive to carefully structure the program with the specific goal of eliminating any activities that may pose an unnecessary risk of injury. Additionally, we also use the best Mixed Martial Arts mat made in the world: The Dollarmur Flexi-roll. This is the thickest and most impact absorbing mat made in the world. Most other gyms use old-fashion hard wrestling mats, out-dated sponge puzzle type mats or hard foam rectangular mats.

C. Question: Is there any special gear/clothing required?

Answer: Yes. Here is a list of what your Teen/Kid needs to bring: 1) snug fitting shirt, 2) gym shorts or any MMA shorts 3) running shoes, and 4) water bottle and water.

D. Question: I have special concerns about my Teen/Kid. Can they be accommodated?

Answer: We encourage parents to speak with us about any special concerns they may have. Although we can’t guarantee we can accommodate every possible concern, we will certainly do what we can.

E. Question: Are parents permitted to watch their Teens/Kids practice?

Answer: Absolutely. We encourage it. Parents love to watch and often have just as much fun as their Teens/Kids!

  • Strong

  • Fit

  • Coordinated

  • Resilient

  • Confident

  • Tough

  • Fast

  • Flexible

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