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1. What is Boxing

Boxing is the standup martial art focused solely on the use of fist striking and footwork to defeat an opponent.  Boxing’s extensive evolution in the United States, Mexico, Asia, Europe and South America has resulted in a high level of technique refinement. Consequently, boxing has become the most effective fist only striking style in the world.

2. Why You Must Know Boxing

Boxing has become one of the standup fighting cornerstones of the Mixed Martial Arts skill set. Modern boxing has proven its effectiveness and essential value in Mixed Martial Arts competitions over the past couple decades by accomplishing an ever increasing number of victories won by its devastating fist striking techniques. Indeed, virtually all successful Mixed Martial Arts fighters now devote a significant amount of time to development of boxing skills.

3. Why Yamane Championship Mixed Martial Arts Boxing

Yamane Championship Mixed Martial Arts is excited to have Coach Gabriel Dortch as its head Boxing Coach. Coach Dortch brings an impressive and tremendous wealth of elite competitive training experience to the program. His credentials earn him a place amongst the most respected boxing coaches in the country, as well as being named the Head Coach for the Southern USA Boxing Team. Coach Dortch currently holds a USA Boxing Coach Level 3 Certification which is designed for training rising stars and potential Olympic talents. Level 3 certifies that an individual has the ability to plan out an eight-week training camp, including boxing and conditioning workouts, for a fighter who will be participating in a five-round bout. Coach Dortch has personally coached his boxers to win: 2 Professional Boxing Titles, 6 Golden Glove Titles, 5 USA Boxing Regional Titles, and 5 USA Boxing Southern Titles.

4. A Typical Boxing Workout

Our boxing class is taught in a variety of formats. Here is an example of a typical class so you have an idea of what to expect:

Warm-ups – are designed and targeted to specifically warm-up the muscle groups that will be used in a boxing training session. Only key exercises and drills proven effective in elite boxing training programs are taught.

Techniques and Mitt Session – students are taught and drilled in essential proper boxing techniques, eg, striking techniques, combinations, footwork, mobility, slipping, etc. in a focused instruction session. Students are then allowed to practice these techniques either on a heavy bag and/or with a training partner who is holding special safety mitts.

Conditioning – uses the conditioning programs utilized by elite boxing programs to achieve maximum levels of cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and flexibility.

Sparring – may only be performed by advanced students and with express permission of instructor. Safety equipment is mandatory.


5. Questions and Answers

A. Question: I am really interested in joining the boxing class, but I am afraid of the punching that is practiced. Will it be safe?

Answer: Yes. We encourage all students to pursue their passions, and if boxing is one of yours, that is fantastic. Our boxing program strongly emphasizes safety by requiring the use of proper safety equipment, eg, padded gloves, hand-wraps, boxing mitts, abdominal pads, striking pads, padded head gear, etc. the use of which is determined by the techniques being practiced and the skill level of the class. All classes are supervised and controlled, and most importantly, a student is always free to limit their participation in any portion of the class. For example, you may participate in the Warm-up and Technique Sessions, and skip the Padding Session.

B. Question: Is there physical contact in the Boxing Program?

Answer: Yes. In the Techniques and Padding Session there is slow motion contact necessary to demonstrate proper techniques. In the Pad Practice Session there is controlled contact in which students strike safety pads held by another student. Students are never allowed to strike one another without the use of some form of safety protection.

C. Question: I am concerned that I may be too old to participate?

Answer: If you are in good health and able to freely participate in most recreational sports, e.g., jogging, swimming, a general fitness class, you should be able to participate. You are only as old as you feel. Give yourself a chance to feel as young as you can. That being said, the minimal level of physical exertion required will be significantly greater than a generic aerobics class.

D. Question: I don’t have any boxing experience. Does this matter?

Answer: No. We prefer it. It is easier to teach proper fundamentals to someone without any experience than it is to correct improper techniques.

E. Question: Do I need specific gear/clothing for Boxing?

Answer: Yes. You will need: 1) gym shorts or Mixed Martial Art shorts, 2) boxing or Muay Thai Gloves, 3) hand wraps, 4) water bottle and water.

F. Question: I see some students in the Boxing class sparring together. I don’t want to do this. May I still take the class?

Answer: Yes. In fact, beginners aren’t allowed to spar. Students are only allowed to spar after they have reached an advanced skill level, and then only with the express permission of the instructor.

G. Question: Are shoes worn?

Answer: Only when training in our boxing ring. No shoes are worn while training on the Mixed Martial Arts mat.

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